Demystifying Valuations – Webinar in January

There are many occasions for a valuation in the life of a start-up company: preparing for the sought-after financing from a premier VC, the highly anticipated sale to a strategic partner at a hefty premium, or even pricing the initial public offering. (more…)

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The Brenner Group Website Garners Award

Graphic Design USA has recognized our website design firm, Michael Patrick Partners, in its recent American Graphic Design Awards.  The accolade for The Brenner Group’s website is one of seven awards bestowed upon MPP. (more…)

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IRS Initiates 409A Valuation Audits

Tax code Section 409A audits of selected taxpayers are underway reports BVWire. While the initial scope of the audits is limited, this is likely just the first step toward a more expansive project. (more…)

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The Bubble Redux

Lots of print now from very smart people about “the Bubble” (with a capital “B”) in the San Francisco Bay Area. (more…)

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Southern California Startup Scene – Perspectives from Silicon Valley (Part 2)

With many similarities highlighted in Part 1, I now want to pivot to discuss some of the major differences between Silicon Valley and SoCal startup scenes. Size is an obvious difference. Think of SoCal as 30% of Silicon Valley. Not sure if that percentage will change over time, but it is a good rule of thumb on the relative size of SoCal versus Silicon Valley. (more…)

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Southern California Startup Scene – Perspectives from Silicon Valley (Part 1)

I grew up in LA, but I never imagined Southern California having a tech startup scene. Well, perhaps an entertainment or film project, but not a tech startup. And yet, after all these years, I am drawn back to LA due to its upward trajectory of becoming one of the best places for tech startups. As a Silicon Valley veteran, I am intrigued and so should you if you have not noticed. (more…)

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Who Wants Bad 409a Compliance?

We spend our days immersed in IRC 409a valuations, advising clients and those charged with overseeing clients’ 409a compliance. If you are among the fortunate few who have not encountered this IRS rule, one of its provisions requires employers to issue stock options and SARs with exercise prices set to no less than fair market value – and have defensible and reasonable argument as to the methodology used for determining fair market value or face significant penalties and interest. (more…)

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Startup Landscape in CA: Changing or More of the Same?

Working with startups in Silicon Valley has never been more exciting, vibrant and stimulating. For entrepreneurs, it has never been cheaper or faster to get funded. Startup CEOs have many choices in navigating the capital arena, which now includes the advent of energetic angel groups, seed funds, EB5, accelerators, incubators, and corporate VCs. (more…)

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Revised Guidance from AICPA on Valuing Privately-Held Stock

Following a decade since the issuance of FASB ASC 718 (SFAS 123R) and the AICPA’s initial guidance on valuing privately-held securities, a new guide with significant revisions has been developed by the Equity Securities Task Force and released by the AICPA. It offers guidance and illustrations related to accounting, disclosures, and valuations of privately held company equity securities issued as compensation. (more…)

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You’re Fired: the Hidden Costs of Botched 409A Valuation Compliance – Part III

The real money on the table from a poor-quality 409A valuation lays ahead and underlies the ultimate purpose for the 409A valuation report: tax compliance. That is the province of the IRS…and, in the case of California, the Franchise Tax Board – neither warm to tax evaders, as governments are cash starved in a weak economy, and their penalties and interest prove it. For the taxing entities, the penalty is 20% to the IRS on the taxable income and is triggered from vesting date, not exercise date, and 20% to the FTB, plus underpayment interest at a combined 6%. (more…)

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