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The Brenner Group Advises KG Technologies on its Sale to Hongfa

KG Technologies, Inc. announced on May 29, 2015 that it reached an agreement to sell KG Technologies, Inc. and the assets of its parent company Clodi LLC to Hongfa Holdings U.S., Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Hongfa Technology Co. Ltd, a world leader in relay development and manufacturing.  Hongfa is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange under the symbol SHA:600885.

The Brenner Group acted as exclusive financial advisor to KG Technologies and Clodi LLC.

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The Case for Being Either the Pursuer or the Pursued

Earlier this year I wrote two pieces on expectations and thoughts related to why being a business buyer or a business seller were again beginning to make sense. I also discussed some general wisdom as to how to be either a good buyer or a good seller. As referenced in those pieces, an early year survey of more than 800 senior corporate executives worldwide conducted by Ernst & Young Transaction Advisory Services and the Economist Intelligence Unit provided a strongly optimistic view of expected corporate merger and acquisition activity through the 2010 year. (more…)

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The Case for Being Pursued—Sell-Side Mergers & Acquisitions

There are nearly as many reasons for the owners of a business to sell their business to another entity as there are unique businesses out there. Typically, the reason for considering a sale or a merger relates to harvesting the value of many years of hard work and personal sacrifice. Somewhat related reasons may involve either the unwillingness or the inability to effect management or family succession. Or, in today’s ever more volatile business environment, an owner may want to sell a business prior to the realization of future capital gains tax increases. It is important to understand that it may never be an optimal time to seek a sale if your business or the industry is struggling. As is the case in so many elements of life, “the cream rises to the top” and today’s acquirers are seeking the “cream,” not the spoiled milk. (more…)

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The Case for Being a Pursuer — Buy-Side Mergers & Acquisitions

As spring actually starts to turn to summer after a wet and cold winter, signs of confidence are popping up everywhere for renewed growth, development and expansion opportunities by companies in many different business sectors. A recently reported 2010 survey of more than 800 senior corporate executives worldwide, the Capital Confidence Barometer conducted by Ernst & Young and the Economist Intelligence Unit, found that 57 percent (57% versus 33% six months earlier) of businesses say they are likely or highly likely to acquire a rival in the next 12 months. Fully 47 percent (47% versus 25% six months earlier) of businesses indicate they expect to reach an acquisition or merger deal within the next 6 months. That appears to be a lot of renewed business opportunity and strategic development thinking at work. (more…)

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