2010 Survey of Professional Services Firms in Silicon Valley

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2010 Professional Services Survey Names Top Firms

A recent survey of the professional services landscape in Silicon Valley yielded some unique insights into the top names in professional services among VCs and CEOs of VC backed companies. The survey, completed and published by the Silicon Valley Research Group in San Jose and Seattle, was designed to identify trends and the leading brands across six professional services categories in Silicon Valley.

1. Accounting Firms

2. Law Firms

3. Interim CFO & Controller Firms

4. Valuation Firms

5. Banks

6. Venture Lending Firms

The top two most mentioned names in each category are listed below.

Accounting Firms  →           Deloitte Touche and PricewaterhouseCoopers

Law Firms   →            Cooley and Fenwick & West

Interim CFO & Controller Firms   →           The Brenner Group and Ravix

Valuation Firms   →           The Brenner Group and SVB Analytics

Banks   →           SVB and Comerica

Venture Lending Firms   →           Western Technology Investments and TriplePoint Capital

For more information or for the full report, contact Shawn Fisher (shawnf@siliconvalleyrg.com ) for details.

J. Weston (Wes) Rose is Senior Vice president of The Brenner Group, one of Silicon Valley’s premier professional services firms. Wes has enjoyed an extensive career as a C-level operating executive with multiple venture capital backed technology companies and now runs the firm’s interim management and restructuring practices.

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