The Brenner Group Becomes Armanino

A year and a half ago The Brenner Group joined forces with Armanino, one of the nation’s largest and fastest growing accounting and consulting firms. As time moved on, I realized it was a natural evolution to fully integrate into Armanino to achieve the most value for our clients and our people. Our clients have been enjoying the horsepower of a top 20 accounting firm behind The Brenner Group, and our employees started working with some of the smartest finance, accounting, tax and consulting professionals out there.

I am excited to announce that The Brenner Group is officially becoming Armanino LLP effective June 1, 2017.

Our name will be changing, but our highly personalized approach and relationship with our clients will not. We will continue providing companies with hands-on financial leadership through our interim management, executive recruiting, restructuring, and turnaround services. The change allows for full company lifecycle financial services, from start-up to enterprise level, offering seamless integration with Armanino’s end-to-end back office solutions, including bookkeeping, payroll, HR consulting and recruiting, cloud-based accounting technology solutions, and financial reporting. We will also be able to offer a full suite of technology solutions to support company growth; such as budget & forecasting, valuation and cap table management services, business reporting & analytics, as well as ERP. Additionally, the firm will offer a wide range of tax solutions (including international and state tax), and deep expertise in M&A and of course audit solutions.

Our Restructuring practice helps companies preparing for downside eventualities to better understand their options, prioritize them, and drive toward the most effective outcome for stakeholders involved. Our restructuring experts will be joining forces with the Corporate Finance professionals at Armanino, allowing them to fully maximize liquidity or monetarization processes as part of the restructuring or turnaround process.

Our executive search team has placed hundreds of top executive financial profiles at growing companies over the years, placing mainly CFOs, directors of finance and controllers in full time roles. This group will now work with Armanino and Brenner Group clients in a seamless way, weather you need someone for a few hours a month, full-time for 6 months, or for the next 20 years.

I am thrilled to share this news with you and truly appreciate the partnership we have built together, and I look forward to next chapter of growth and success in the years ahead!

To learn more about this deal or about Armanino LLP, click this link to press release.

Andries Verschelden is CEO of The Brenner Group

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The CFO Who Cried Wolf

The Brenner Group recently surveyed its CFO and controller consultants to measure their confidence in the technology startup market. The results paint a fairly optimistic picture, although colored with a continued sense of caution.


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2016, the Year of the Lukewarm Summer.

The Brenner Group Index

The Brenner Group measures the collective confidence of its financial consultants in the technology startup space on a quarterly basis through its Brenner Group Index. Going into Q3 the results overall came in as “we feel lukewarm about the market”. I wish I could use a more exciting adjective to describe our market sentiment, but lukewarm is as (non)descriptive as it seems to get this summer. (more…)

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Is it really startup Armageddon out there?

Last week our CFOs and controllers responded to 5 simple questions on the market sentiment here in Silicon Valley. As much as our consultants acknowledge we are going through somewhat of a correction, and specifically the fundraising environment has become more stringent on early stage companies, they don’t see the sky falling down any time soon. In fact there was more optimism in the beginning of Q2 2016 than we saw at the beginning of Q1 2016. (more…)

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Five commandments for Unicorns to survive the new fundraising normal

1. You will cut costs, and your cash flow will set you free.
This one seems obvious but couldn’t be further from it. In an environment where all you were focusing on was market share, it is painful to switch to profitability. Just remember all of the talk on a correction becomes noise once you don’t need further funding.

2. You will not take dirty term sheets.

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2016 Fund Raising Environment: Valuation Corrections

Having worked with thousands of private VC backed companies since 1987, The Brenner Group (TBG) has seen all the cycles imaginable over the past 30 years. Feels like we are in one now: a tough financing cycle where valuations are under pressure and institutional capital from top-tier VCs is much harder to come by than just a few short months ago. (more…)

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Executive Search Team Says “I DO!”

Together ever after, the premier executive finance professionals group in the San Francisco Bay Area.

September 1st was a very festive day for us. Armanino LLP, one of the top 1% of accounting firms in the country, decided to join forces with us. Our clients started enjoying the horsepower of a top 20 accounting firm behind The Brenner Group, and our employees started working with some of the smartest finance, accounting, tax and consulting professionals out there. (more…)

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The Brenner Group Joins Armanino

I have some very exciting news to share!  After nearly 30 years of building The Brenner Group into one of Silicon Valley’s most well-known and respected professional services firms, we have found a strategic partner to continue to grow the business, and provide succession planning for our leadership team. (more…)

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The Brenner Group Advises KG Technologies on its Sale to Hongfa

KG Technologies, Inc. announced on May 29, 2015 that it reached an agreement to sell KG Technologies, Inc. and the assets of its parent company Clodi LLC to Hongfa Holdings U.S., Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Hongfa Technology Co. Ltd, a world leader in relay development and manufacturing.  Hongfa is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange under the symbol SHA:600885.

The Brenner Group acted as exclusive financial advisor to KG Technologies and Clodi LLC.

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An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

Benjamin Franklin is credited with this saying in 1735, and with respect to our domain, which is providing finance and accounting guidance to early stage companies, it is a particularly appropriate adage. And it is one we are reminded of on an almost daily basis.

When accounting and financials become critical
The Brenner Group provides outsourced finance and accounting help to growth companies. We get several calls a month from CEOs whose private company is scaling and is seeking bank financing, attracting first-time interest from an institutional investor(s), or in discussions with a major M&A acquirer. However, their poor accounting infrastructure and financial reporting has turned off the suitors. (more…)

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